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Nancy Bryla

Chief Light Officer


Nancy Bryla is a Sydney-based corporate lawyer who has been practicing law for over fifteen years. She specialises in commercial law, contract drafting, review and negotiation across the IT, banking and aviation industries. Prior to working as a corporate lawyer, she was a lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.

Nancy has been exploring meditation and the power of a positive mindset for over twenty years. Having experienced first-hand the benefits that meditation and mindfulness had on her stress levels and wellbeing, she founded The Light Lawyer. Her goal is to provide a gateway to inspire lawyers to self-nurture, live lighter, and follow their own path. By connecting leading health and wellness teachers with those in the legal industry, The Light Lawyer aims to offer innovative and life-changing digital CPD courses.

When she’s not advocating for corporate health and wellness via the Light Lawyer, she can be found enjoying the beautiful beaches and surrounds of the South Coast in New South Wales with her family.

Merryn Padgett

Director of Creativity


Merryn Padgett - image by Rikki-Jo Photography

Merryn is a passionate advocate for bringing beautiful ideas to life through human-centred design and psychology-based marketing principles. Through using this mindful approach to design, she creates user experiences that are all about cultivating positive impact.

Merryn believes that the way you orient yourself in your professional life is a direct reflection of your personal wellbeing. She first discovered the importance of maintaining inner peace following a personal crisis in her early twenties, which sparked the beginning of a health and wellness transformation.

In addition to her strong design business acumen, she is also a Reiki Master and an avid meditator. She regularly practices gratitude journaling and intention setting to ensure success in all areas of her life. Merryn believes strongly in the benefits of nurturing the body, mind and soul through movement and stillness.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- Dr Seuss -