Have you noticed that each time you speak with someone, a common phrase emerges in the conversation? One that can cause anxiety, overwhelm and a general sense of life being a little out of control?

“I’m busy”.

A confession: I’m guilty of this too…I’ve noticed this has become my most popular response whenever I am asked how things are, or how I am, so I am consciously trying to change this.

The truth is, busyness is a real phenomenon.

We are living in a culture that is obsessed with getting it all done, and fitting it all in. Yet it also necessitates a need to be more focused, structured and organised. To prioritise what’s important and let go of the rest.

In Daring Greatly, Brené Brown talks about the cult of addiction to busyness, and how it may be a numbing behaviour as an armor against vulnerability. This may be true, and in fact, Brown also provides a solution: the care and feeding of our spirit.

When was the last time you prioritised your spirit by doing something you love; listening to your body; connecting with your tribe; learning and growing; or taking care of your precious self? When you make time for the things that truly matter the most to you, a sense of peace and freedom unfolds.

Yes, work will always demand your time, however it doesn’t need to be all-consuming so that you become sick with worry or the flu. When you prioritise your own nourishment and wellbeing, you may start to see a deeper clarity and structure emerge in your schedule.

Perhaps you want to dedicate more of your time to reading or learning, yet ‘can’t find the time’. By scheduling one hour of deliberate learning into your calendar you will start forming new pathways in your brain. Countless world leaders do this, why not give it a go?

Maybe you simply want to cultivate a new habit? By adopting the 5 Second Rule may make it much easier. The change starts when you make the decision to change.

Walking in nature is a wonderful way to recharge the batteries – and it’s (somewhat) easy to integrate into a busy schedule. Get up thirty minutes earlier each day to fit a walk into your day – though make sure you are still getting enough sleep by also going to bed a little earlier. Or take fifteen minutes during the day to get out of the office and breathe in fresh air.

Or you may want to meditate. Simply focusing on your breathing, the inhalation and exhalation, for just a few minutes is a great way to find poise amidst chaos. Or you may like to use an app or enrol in our meditation course.

Maybe you feel too busy to go to a yoga studio, but you crave the feeling of centredness that yoga provides?  Then why not practice in the comfort of your own home or office, following a course that was designed to ensure a sense of relaxation for the busy lawyer.

If the busyness has really taken its hold and you are feeling drained or flat, then consider exploring our 30-day Energy Challenge course. It is an incredibly simple and effective way to totally re-energise. In fact, one of our students told us that the course actually saved her life!


Whatever the priority you seek, remember to feed your spirit! I encourage you to start scheduling it in so it becomes a habit.

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