“Our intention creates our reality” – Dr Wayne Dyer

I love this time of year. There is an atmosphere of possibility, a clean slate and an opportunity for a fresh start.

Many people I know set new year resolutions, but this is not a practice that has ever worked for me. In fact, it is a practice that has only ever brought me guilt, for failing to stick with my self-imposed ‘rules’.

For the last few years, instead of setting resolutions, I take time out to enjoy an annual ritual of letting go of the old year. The process gives me the space to create an intentional year ahead.

It’s well documented that changing habits and setting intentions will yield more success than making a resolution.

When I took the time to reflect on the year that passed, and what I wanted to let go of, I came up with a list of things I am consciously choosing to detach from in 2017.

Top of the list: letting go of mother guilt of not spending enough time with my kids. Second on the list: a fear of public speaking.

I wrote these things down on paper, then burnt the paper. This sounds dramatic, but this ritual provides a powerful reminder and imagery that can be called upon when needed.

For example, if I get asked to give a talk again this year, I will remind myself that I ‘let go’ of that fear and that I am choosing to consciously step outside my comfort zone in 2017 by saying ‘yes’.

Will the fear come up again? Of course! But when it does, I simply visualise myself burning that piece of paper and I remind myself that I left it behind in 2016.

Perhaps you could take a few moments to think about whether there is anything you would like to let go of? Write it down and if you feel compelled, burn it.

Letting go creates space for new energy to come in to your life. So this is the time when you can set intentions for the year.

For the last few years I have been gathering with a small group of amazing women, for a clarity session, in which we help each other to set our intentions for the year.

We bare all, we connect with our hearts, we dig deep, and we play with words until it resonates. We all leave with a succinct clarity statement, which sets our focus and intention for the year ahead. It’s like a personal vision statement, which acts as a compass for decision making throughout the year.

I usually also pick out just one word, which acts as a theme for the year. My word for 2016 was ‘Amplify’. My word for 2017 is ‘Courage’.

I strongly encourage you to try setting a clarity statement or choosing a one word theme for the year. Think of a word that makes you feel inspired. Or energised. Or joyful. Or maybe something that stretches you.

The only rule is that you have to go with your gut and your heart – not your head. Then plaster that word everywhere, to remind you of your theme for the year.

Setting intentions is powerful – it’s like planting the seed of your desires into the universe’s soil. We then nurture and water the seed by giving it our awareness and attention throughout the year.

Our intentions really do create our reality.

I’d love to hear what your 2017 theme is. Join the conversation in the comments below and let me know.





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