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The Light Lawyer is an innovative online resource centre for lawyers. We offer life-changing online CPD courses that go above and beyond traditional university and CPD curriculum. Our difference? We’re driven by progress through enhanced physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Discover how we can help you realise and advance your potential – both in your professional and your personal life.


When you learn with The Light Lawyer, you’ll empower yourself to live a happy, successful and positive life – both inside and outside of the office.

We offer select courses that will teach you how to de-stress and nurture a healthy physical, mental and emotional lifestyle. And we only partner with teachers who have a mission, values and attributes that align with our own integrity and focus on quality.


Explore our library, where we publish and curate innovative resources to help you realise and advance your potential.

Time is not running out

You’ve been busy. And you can’t believe you are through the first six months of this year. Do you feel like time is running out? Or speeding up? I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of time. And when I say ‘thinking’ I mean really deeply ruminating on the...

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Competing with yourself

The legal profession is highly competitive, and it starts before you even finish secondary school. You are competing against others to get high enough marks to enter university. Then you commence your undergraduate and there is pressure to do well. So much reading and...

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Make time for what matters

Have you noticed that each time you speak with someone, a common phrase emerges in the conversation? One that can cause anxiety, overwhelm and a general sense of life being a little out of control? “I’m busy”. A confession: I’m guilty of this too…I’ve noticed this has...

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Follow your bliss

I managed to squeeze in some fiction reading in the break between Christmas and new year. I wanted to catch up on some classics and one of the stories was a Leo Tolstoy piece - The Death of Ivan Illyich.  If you have never read or heard of this, it’s quite a sad story...

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Smile on the inside

As I write this post, I’m luxury camping in a tent, relaxing on a queen bed and looking out across a lush canopy of huge, ancient gum trees. The forest is circling the edge of a winding river. The exquisite sound of the Australian bush and its choraling birds are a...

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The art of receiving

I met a stranger recently, who was so generous with her time and advice. She offered so many tips, suggestions and connections. And while she shared with me, I found myself thinking... “What can I give her in return?” “Gosh, I’m not sure I will be able to repay her...

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Escape with us for a truly immersive and fast-tracked learning experience.

Our retreats bring together open-minded professionals from the legal industry with one mission – to change their lives through self-empowerment.

By taking your learning away from the computer to breath-takingly beautiful and serene locations, we create supportive, pragmatic and memorable experiences designed to bring more light and ease into your life.

Over the span of a couple of days, you’ll meet like-minded people, interact with our teachers and enhance your personal life and career.

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